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What is Diabetes Undone: Groups?

Diabetes Undone: Groups is the community workshop version of our Diabetes Undone program. Diabetes Undone was initially introduced as a DVD course for individuals, so that they could reverse diabetes from the comfort of their own homes. But Diabetes Undone: Groups brings people of like minds together, to create a supportive community that shares the same goal: reversing diabetes, step by step, together.

What does a Diabetes Undone: Groups workshop look like?

The workshop is structured to take place over 8 sessions. That can be one session per week for two months, or even a session per day. (The recommended schedule is two sessions per week, over one month.)

Each session is about one hour, give or take, depending on how group discussions go. The session includes a video that is segmented by discussion questions. At the end of the session, group participants can sample a diabetes-friendly recipe that was either prepared in advance, or can be cooked together.

Who can start a Diabetes Undone: Groups workshop?

Anyone! That’s precisely the beauty of Diabetes Undone: Groups. As long as you have a passion for empowering people to regain their health, you’re absolutely capable for running a Diabetes Undone: Groups workshop.

People who sign up online ( to facilitate a workshop will have access to everything they need to create a successful workshop.

What’s included when I sign up as a facilitator on

  • An online presence that will allow you to schedule your workshop online, purchase course materials, create advertising materials, and receive support from the Life and Health staff.
  • Immediate access to every video that will be played throughout the course.
  • Additional health coaching videos with downloadable materials.
  • Online preview of the participant’s kit (cookbook and workbook).
  • A comprehensive facilitator’s manual that acts as a script that the facilitator can follow for the entire hour. It includes which videos to play at which time, the questions to ask, etc.
  • Access for one full year.
  • Support from the folks who developed the Diabetes Undone program.

What are the different fees I’ll need to pay for a workshop?

$99: To start a workshop and have access to everything in the Diabetes Undone: Groups online dashboard (workshop scheduling, videos, downloadable materials)

$49 (optional): To purchase a participant kit. The wholesale price of $49 pays for 1 From Plant to Plate: Diabetes Edition cookbook, 1 Diabetes Undone workbook, and 1 8 Laws of Health DVD. Each participant in your workshop should receive a kit. You can choose to sell the participant kit for the standard rate of $99.

$99 (optional): To purchase the physical DVD set which contains all of the videos needed to run Diabetes Undone: Groups. This is recommended for those without a reliable Internet connection.

How long will I have access to the Diabetes Undone: Groups dashboard?

  • You have free access for one full year.
  • Every new workshop you start will cost an additional $99

Tutorial Videos

Workshop Overview

This tutorial will take you through a brief overview of what it means to coordinate a Diabetes Undone workshop. Learn how to start a new group, how to create a workshop, and how to purchase materials. It will also give you a general idea of what a typical workshop looks like.

Dashboard Tour

This tutorial will walk you through a tour of the Diabetes Undone Diabetes Undone Dashboard, your key to organizing and implementing an effective Diabetes Undone workshop. Learn how participants can access your workshop, edit session dates and location, print fliers, share the Group Edition Commercial, order more kits and DVDs. Learn how to access Facilitator Resources section to download facilitator's guide, pre-workshop informational session resources, preview workshop materials, and watch health partner training videos. Learn how to invite volunteer facilitators to add to your team.